© 2018 Joel Penner & Anna Sigrithur

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Wrought is a short film about things rotting. 

Using innovative time lapse scanner videography and engaging original music and storytelling, Wrought brings the viewer on a stunning macroscopic journey into the otherwise unseen world of decay occurring right under our very noses. Watch as white fuzzy mould blooms softly across a bed of barley- or as bacteria transform the hushed hues of purple cabbage into hot pink. Maggots, taxidermy beetles, and protein-loving fungi whittle away the flesh on corpses of roadkill and the kitchen scraps you throw into the compost come alive as they dance and wither into a slimy bliss. Wrought invites you to reconsider your relationship to the abject- the parts of ‘nature’ we consider disgusting or impure. Only by transforming our disgust can we build a more ecologically and socially just world.

The images below are stills from the project thus far. 

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