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Previous Work

Delve into previous works by Joel and Anna below.

Joel Penner: Momentary Vitality: The Paradox of Inanimacy

'Momentary Vitality: The Paradox of Inanimacy' explores the dying motions of a plethora of plants representative of the evolutionary history of the plant kingdom. Through vivid colours and spellbinding dance-like movements the marvelous story of life is told paradoxically as we see it being extinguished. Through the beauty of each plant's bizarre form a unique snippet of evolutionary history is shared with us. Through seeing the iridescent vein patterns of the common houseplant Amaryllis (2:38) we are reminded that ordinary aspects of our everyday lives contain the seeds of the extraordinary. By observing the unique paintings that clubmosses effortlessly create as they disperse their spores (4:32) we are taken back 350 million years ago to the Carboniferous period when now-extinct relatives of the clubmosses formed forests which fell to produce our modern coal deposits. The beauty of the many different plants in the film is woven together with the music of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

Anna Sigrithur: Nordic Food Lab Radio: Rumenation

Ruminants chewing and re-chewing their cud has shaped human civilization. By grace of their unique four-chambered stomach and its microbiome, plant material indigestible to humans is transformed into food for the animal and for others.

Yet the rumen itself, the chamber of the stomach responsible for this microbial breakdown of plant matter, also contains a nutrient-dense slurry known as 'green soup' that has been eaten as a last-minute supplement by herders and hunters around the world. Roberto and I wondered if we could interact with this process in vitro to create new dishes, or to render edible new ingredients. But a question began to gnaw at us, forcing us to some rumination of our own: When it comes to food traditions, is there a line between surviving and thriving? Or is it less a line than a loop? And what is the value in trying to translate ephemeral, in-the-field food experiences into dishes in the kitchen? 

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